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Patient Feedback

The overall service and treatment I received was great from my first visit to the last visit. The staff were just lovely and understanding of my conditions and the affect on my daily life. I can strongly recommend ClearSkin.

Judith February 2019

Thank you for everything ladies! My skin is better tan ever thanks to you. Well worth the money. Thank you!!! ATB xxx

Kriza February 2019

Phototherapy Training Day

October 18th 2018

We have a record number of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists attending their annual one day update held in Jury’s Cardiff. Over 100 delegates attended to hear the latest guidelines and recommendations for phototherapy treatments. Travelling from all over the UK and Ireland delegates will hear lectures about phototherapy. A prize will be awarded to the most interesting case scenario presented by a delegate. The one day update is in its 16th year and is a follow -on for the three day PUVA course which is held twice a year.

Athrodax, Galderma, Scott Medical, Penlan Phrmacuticals, Leo-Pharma and Therapy World were also in attendance.

Phototherapy boosts Vitamin D

The best provider of Vitamin D is sunlight and only a few minutes of sun exposure  can produce large quantities of vitamin D in your body. Research has shown  that vitamin D supports muscle strength, insulin action, immune health, and the body’s natural defences against cancer.

Inhabitants of the tropics typically have plenty of vitamin D, however, studies are now showing that people throughout the industrial world are increasingly not, because of the more sedentary lifestyle . Populations living in colder climates fail to receive the recommended amount of Vitamin D to protect bone health.

Many dermatologists are encouraging people to spend more time outdoors to increase vitamin D .

Added benefits of Phototherapy are shown below and can assist and make you feel better as:

  • It boosts vitamin D levels that tend to fall in the winter months
  • It stops you feeling sad by preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • It boosts your innate immune system making you more resistant to infection
  • It suppresses your adaptive immune system; the adaptive immune system creates many health problems by over-reacting to stimuli or responding to the wrong stimuli.

Hot Weather sees people take risks in the sun

Moles which are bigger, blacker and appear more irregular than others should be checked out by a dermatologist for melanoma risk.

Cancer Research UK says the hot weather is making people take risks in the sun.

It claims many are avoiding the shade, not wearing sun-cream and slapping on tanning oil to try to make the most of the sun when it does come out.

Ensure you play safe in the sun. If you are concerned by any mole or skin complaint then do not delay call us today.

Home Phototherapy service continues to grow

The Clearskin Dermatology Treatment Clinic based in Cardiff , specialists in the provision of a wide range of phototherapy services for the treatment of acne, psoriasis and vitiligo continues to grow it’s home phototherapy service having acquired additional home phototherapy units for rental to it’s UK wide patients.

The Home Phototherapy service which started in 2012 has become the leading home based service in the UK favoured for it’s complete support package which includes support from trained specialist phototherapy nurses and consultants.

The success of the home phototherapy service has been driven by the high number of of patients wishing to access phototherapy treatments both conveniently to where they live and at a time to suit their needs. The home phototherapy units are compact and can be placed in a small room within the home and with the online and telephone support provided by the Clearskin clinic the home phototherapy units are easy and safe to use.

If you would like more information on our Home Phototherapy service please ring 029 2079 5775

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