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Phototherapy boosts Vitamin D

The best provider of Vitamin D is sunlight and only a few minutes of sun exposure  can produce large quantities of vitamin D in your body. Research has shown  that vitamin D supports muscle strength, insulin action, immune health, and the body’s natural defences against cancer.

Inhabitants of the tropics typically have plenty of vitamin D, however, studies are now showing that people throughout the industrial world are increasingly not, because of the more sedentary lifestyle . Populations living in colder climates fail to receive the recommended amount of Vitamin D to protect bone health.

Many dermatologists are encouraging people to spend more time outdoors to increase vitamin D .

Added benefits of Phototherapy are shown below and can assist and make you feel better as:

  • It boosts vitamin D levels that tend to fall in the winter months
  • It stops you feeling sad by preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • It boosts your innate immune system making you more resistant to infection
  • It suppresses your adaptive immune system; the adaptive immune system creates many health problems by over-reacting to stimuli or responding to the wrong stimuli.
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